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Chondropaw, can you please post links to the clinical support in dogs for this product's active ingredient (chondroitin sulfate)? (If you aren't doing your own clinicals, maybe you have links to PubMed papers or research on the active ingredient in humans?)

In particular, I'd really like to see the studies supporting this claim on your website -- which sounds like a reference to some research:
"Pharmaceutical grade Chondroitin and micro-doses of botanical extracts is Proven to be The Most Powerful Natural Anti-inflammatory For Dogs Helps Alleviate Dog Arthritis."

The reason I ask is that the big GAIT study funding by the NIH in humans with arthritis found little benefit of chondroitin supplemented alone in helping arthritis pain, so I'm wondering why the effect would be expected to be different in dogs. I'm honestly puzzled to see these claims for chondroitin after that study, so I'd really like to take a look at the research that supports this product. For your reference:
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