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weird biting/mouthing/teething?

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This is so weird! Beamer will be 8 months old on the 11th of February. She mouthed/was teething when we first got her but we quickly got her to stop by holding her mouth shut when she did it, saying "no bite" & ignoring her for 30 seconds after. It was over & done with in about three weeks.

Now, over the past couple weeks I've noticed that she will jump on the bed & mouth at my hand constantly! She's not being agressive or biting me hard, more like "love bites" & she only does it to me! She won't do it to my husband, & she is completely calm with my daughter. I do the same thing that we did when she was mouthing, & she will stop for a minute & then do it again.

I definitely pay enough attention to her, she is with me all day long, every day except maybe one day a week. I can't figure it out! Please help!
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Sounds like she's asking for attention and getting it.

Next time say no and get up and walk away... or train her not to jump on your bed.
But she gets attention before she does it. Like for example, we will be laying in bed & she will be between us, watching tv with us, & then we'll both be petting her, & she'll choose to do it to me, randomly.
Is it more of a nibble with her front teeth? If so, she's "grooming" you! They do it out of affection, but it can hurt sometimes!
it might be. i'll have to pay more attention next time she does it. =) thanks for the info!
My lab did this. He did it to tell me he wanted more "petting", as dogs can't speak, nor do they have hands. If he nips, wrap your hand around his mouth and say no bite, and ignore him. After a bit, he will just nudge you with his nose, this is what mine does now.
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