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I mush with my 3 y/o GSD, dryland and in snow, and here are my two cents: (granted, I am still a "newbie" by pretty much all standards)

Having a properly fit harness is HUGE. What style of harness can also depend on your dog's motion, what they're pulling, and where the attachment point is: high vs. low. (I have a custom fit X-back for Zage.)

I would highly recommend trying to find a mushing group in your area; there are many, many dryland groups in places where there is little to no snowfall. If there aren't any groups near you that you can connect with in-person, there are a number of groups on facebook that are very helpful and always welcoming new people into the sport.

If you're worried about having to "bail" from a bike, or getting caught up on it if your dog suddenly goes off course, maybe look into a kickbike/scooter.

And another big thing: before you do any actual pulling, work on your "driving" commands!! (I did this on walks, hikes, and eventually alongside the bike without puling before we ever harnessed up.)
Hike, whoa, easy, gee, haw, on by, passing commands, etc.
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