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weigh in at 6 months

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Our boy is 70 pounds at six months....Wondering if he'll now begin to fill out ...we do not plan to neuter him until he's over a year old...he's a beautiful, strong boy...
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Wow! 70 lbs!
Our diego who turns 6 months in 10 days is 55 lbs!
I have been following / using this chart as a guide.
70lbs!! he's gonna be a big boy. my boy was around 55-60lbs at 6 months. can u show a pic of him? do u know how tall he is?? just curious
okay..I'll have hubby measure him....believe it or not - I thought he was a little too lean ... thought hubby was cutting down on the amount of food but obviously I was wrong
....he's a solid boy.... hubby takes him on a two mile hike every day plus a game of he is getting some good exercise....
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well, we tried to measure...looks like 24.5 height...lengthwise 31 ....but again we're not experts in the appropriate location/placement ...
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my boy followed the chart for awhile and then zoom he just shot off the chart. Do not remember 6 months but he was 78 pounds at 7 mnths.

First people comment on his big feet and then how skinny he is. I think the general public confuses skinny and narrow.

From 7 mnths to 9 mnths he has widened considerably. I get him weighted monday.
i like the size. he's only 6 months. he's definitely going to fill out. how many collar sizes has he been through? you should keep measurements on him and watch the growth. i think your going to have a big boy. 75 lbs. and up is on the larger side to me. i've never had my Sheps nuetered and i've never had a problem with them.
My pup was about 70 at six months but a little after six month in my opinion their growths start slowing down a lot.
How old is your pup now....and how much does he weigh?
as of 06/04/08 our boy was 1 yr. old and he weighs 90 lbs. we're starting to think he might be a little to heavy. i think we should see more rib outline.
Originally Posted By: daviddrenaMy pup was about 70 at six months but a little after six month in my opinion their growths start slowing down a lot.
Well he's 9 months today and he is 85 lbs. I guess that's not slowing down too much he was gaining about 10 to 15lbs a month now he's gaining about 5lbs
Apollo is 12 weeks tomorrow and I weighed him last night. He is weighing in at 32 lbs now. (He goes to the vet Sat for another check up) According to the chart he is not growing to fast, however according to the vet he is supposed to gain 1 to 1-1/2 lbs a week. however he is averaging almost 4 lbs a week since we got him. Is he gaining to fast?
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