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I was curious and had a question for those more knowledgeable breeders/owners out there.

In my search for a new pup we always met the dam and asked about weening, how long they were allowed to suckle mom. Next question was usually how much interaction mom got with the litter of pups after the weening. This answer differed from 'oh she comes and goes as she pleases' to 'she only sees them once a day - or every few days after weening, but the litter is kept together. As a rule of thumb though - pups are usually weened at 3.5-4 weeks - and started on gruel or mush.

Question is - how much interaction is normal from the mom from weeks 5-8 (when the pups go to their new homes)

How important is it for the mom to stay with the pups during this time? I know there's lots of studies about separating the litter too early, but I haven't seen much about where the mom is at during all of this. I know the pups are getting phased over and ready to go to their new homes during this period but I'm a total noob when it comes to GSD pups.

I understand that the mom is separated from them at some point during the whole process for several reasons - but I was unsure of the impact this has on pup development?

Any wisdom you can share would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you :)
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