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I made the switch about 2 weeks ago to TWO (Bison).

I also added the Proviable DC as well (to solidfy stool)

Jasper has always had sensitivity issues with his system, and one of the vets in the practice, recommended the Proviable to me (wether I put Jasper on TWO or not).

I had Jasper on TWO in the past (Southwestern Chicken), and he always had really loose stools.

Prior to re-introducing TWO, I spoke with reps from Timberwolf, and a few other places (local shops that sell TWO, and my vet).

Everyone concluded (even reps from TWO), that the Southwestern chicken formula is very rich, and alot of dogs seem to have problems, or can't always handle it.

When discussing Jasper's past with TWO, it was suggested to try him on the Bison flavor, or the Ocean Fish Forumula.

I decided to try the Bison first (Ocean fish had a recall

I hope all works out, Jaspers coat on TWO is so nice, and I hope there is no more issue with recalls.

Jasper has also had an episode with hot spots prior to being put onto TWO, it was most likely my fault, I hadn't completely dried him after getting wet (from swimming), and a bath (got him about 75% dry), so I have learned a lesson, just feel bad because it was at Jaspers expense

So far, no loose stools, coat looking better, and Jasper eating well.
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