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and OMG, Kodee definitely got his exercise in for the day! My kids, Kodee and I walked for about 2 hours, then the kids played on the swings and slides, etc for another 30 minutes or so, and played hide and seek (sort of) with Kodee.

then as soon as we picked up Kid #3, we went home and played outside some more, and Kodee got to play frisbee for a little while. We are all about to drop. We kept giving Kodee drinks, and we were filling his bowl up at the water fountain outside, and he finally hopped up and tried to drink out of the fountain (yikes!) I made him get down, but I wouldn't let the kids drink out of the fountain. Who knows who actually let their dog drink out of that thing on purpose?

Anyway, we cured our spring fever for the day - it's 75 degrees outside!
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