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In addition to our three dogs, Benny, almost 4 male GSD, Jake, 3 male Borzoi, Annie ( adult sons 4 year old female staffie, we have had my others son’s 7month old male pitbull and 4 year old female Chihuahua for 5 days while he and his wife are on their honey moon. Benny has not seen the pit bull in a few months and does not get along with pushy males. I was prepared to crate and rotate but was hoping to see if they get along because my family spends lots of times together and we like to include the dogs..

The pit bull, Rager, is a goofy adolescent. He has had no formal training but is very obeys and has decent house manners. He has lived with the Chihuahua and two cats since he was 7 weeks and has not been around other dogs except when he comes here, but has not been here since he was 14 weeks. He immediately and got along great with the female staffie

I picked up any toys and watched the interaction ready to intevene. Initially the pup ran right into Benny’s face and Benny got tense, growled, got real vocal and the pup, squealed like he was being killed, then submitted, licked him and then they were fine. (no blood shed, not even spit!)

It is going well. The Borzoi and Pit play well and Benny is a bit of the fun police but when I gave him his favorite ball he leaves them alone. All the barking is fro the neighbors fence fighters .

Benny gave Rager 2 more very vocal corrections and he pup yelped like he was being killed, but each time there was not even spit on him.

Pup has quickly learned
Respect Benny’s personal space.
Don’t jump on Benny’s owner!
If food falls on the floor it belongs to Benny.

He seems to be assimilated into the pack. This pit has a great temperament and Benny is proving to be a benelovent dictator.

The Chihuahua tries to boss everyone. The couch is the video belongs to the dogs. They are not allowed on other furniture except beds when invited. I have never owned a toy dog. I would rather train a GSD any day!

IMG_1208-2 - YouTube

IMG_1204 - YouTube

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