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We got bricks!

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I have a 10' X 20' run for Tasha connected to our garage. The first half was rocks which are a pain to take care of for a few reasons, 1) We have an apple tree above the rock part which means if you don't clean up the apples right away they get all icky in the rocks 2) it's hard to clean leaves off them 3) weeds and other stuff grown up through them 4) a dog we used to watch had dug in many spots so now the ground is un-even and rocks are mixed in with the dirt so it's muddy.


My mom's friend is a construction work. Yesturday he had given us all kinds of bricks. We have some 2" by 6" -I'm guessing there that size- and better yet 6 2' X 2' bricks!
I'm excited big time! That gives us a 6' X 6' square. So only 19 more bircks to go that size
I know he told my mom he had more bricks coming for me

I'm so excited! My mom's boyfriend is going to help me get rid of the rocks, and lay sand down before we lay the bricks down. So now I needto work on a getting a bigger dog house and plant grass as the gras didn't make it to well after our winter. I can always plant grass an block off that area until it grows or something.

But I'm really excited! Now it'll be easier to clean up her run...sweep the front 10' X 10' and rake the back 10' X 10' lol
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ok so I can home thursday night and found more bricks at the far end of our driveway!

I now have:
6 2' X 2' bricks
44 7.5" X 15.5" bricks

and I have availible to me 160 2.75" X 7.5" bicks.

My mom's friend can still pick me up some of the 7.5" X 15.5". I measured everything out, planed up some things to the point where I would be short 19 of the 7.5" X 15.5". So I'm gonna have my mom talk to him as he said he can get what ever I need. The joys of knowing a construction worker lol

I don't care that they aren't the same, just as long as I can say bye-bye to the muddy rocks lol
Oh forgot to add

Does anyone know where I can get a cheap doggy house? The one I have I've had since Tash was a pup. She still does go in it but it's really tight. She has to bend down to get in and she's squished up tight inside. I don't even know what size it is. I'll be elevating the next one off the ground with some bricks.
all of the ones we looked at when we got beamer were SO expensive. they were like $100+ so we went to lowes, bought stuff & built one. thats probably the cheapest way to get one..
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