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Water ?

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Ok, if its not one thing its another it seems like. Duke isnit drinking much water the last couple of days or eating for that matter. I should say not eating his kibble, he will eat anything else given to him. But what i am wondering is this.

How much water is normal to be drinking ? I would say he takes some sips of water but not guzzling it like he usually does and making messes. I thought maybe it wasn't cold enough but I get it fresh as fresh can be. Then I thought well I don't like our tap water maybe he doesn't either so I used the Brita, he did drink a little more last night when I did that. But I mean really ? the Brita ? LOL.

He is drinking but not as much as he used to. Just wondered if its anything I should watch for.
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Using AC where you weren't before?
Any thing change in the diet?
Nope. I've just been opening windows and keeping the fresh air. Nothing has changed in the diet though thinking on maybe a different food again soon, I hate this but he seems fine otherwise just isn't eating or drinking a whole bunch. I just gave him a fresh bowl of water and he walked right by it. Like I said he has drank some just not "swimming" in it like he used to.
Maybe someone has been leaving the lid up and he's discovered that?

There's been trouble in my house lately with the twins just out of diapers. Nasty dog, it that girl or boy flavor you're drinking?
Couldbe that beings as he isn' t wanting to eat his kibble, he doesn't get as thirsty.
hmmm i don't know, now today he's back to drinking his water & eating. I guess I worry to much.
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