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I've been researching GSDs and Washington state/PNW breeders for a few months now and could use some help narrowing my search.

I'm looking for a companion/family dog that'll get along well with my 30 lb doodle and be good around kids. I realize socialization plays a large role in this and will socialize the pup with lots of dogs and people. We're fairly active, I jog and hike with my doodle often and would like a GSD that can join me on longer excursions. 5 miles is about max for the doodle for a hike. We play fetch and do obedience sessions daily. I'd like to try out Schutzhund but am not interested in competing seriously, mostly interested in all around training and some fun. If we really enjoyed it and the dog showed promise in tracking, I would consider training for search and rescue.

Back to breeders. I've looked through most of the PNW breeder threads on here and have a running list based on suggestions, as well as from Googling. I'd appreciate suggestions based on my needs and lifestyle described above. I would also very much appreciate help ruling out breeders. I've seen some comments about breeders to avoid that end in DMs, so I'm not sure who they are. Please do DM me if you have thoughts.

From what I am reading, a GSD with a good temperament can be a good family dog whether it is a working or show line, so I have no major preference there. If you disagree, I'd be happy to hear your opinion.

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