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Was your "Bravo" almost a "Muffin"? (Names)

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Another thread got me thinking...

What name did your special pal ALMOST end up with?? Not the long list I'm sure you worked through - but the one you really almost stuck with and were glad you didn't?

Like for Ruby, she barely escaped being dubbed... "Piglet". Her breeder had a little collar with pigs on it and she was so darned cute with her little beady eyes that we started calling her piglet while we were there. The breeder was worried when he saw she was the one we were choosing and said "please don't call her piglet?" - LOL! She came from a very impressive line and a noble bred, and he couldn't bear to have her dubbed "piglet"- LOL! So I assurred him we would not. However, it was a hard battle once we got her home because my husband really liked the name.

To this day he scolds her as "Piglet" when he's miffed with her- I think she thinks it's some evil twin -she hasn't the foggiest idea who the heck "Piglet" is, And why this invisible "Piglet" gets into so much trouble!
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Logan was almost named Chief because of his collar, too. It's this military green with khaki stars around it. He was Chief for about two days, but it just didn't fit. However, he is definitely a Logan:)
Apollo almost ended up being either Brady, Zeus, or Dallas

Zeus almost ended up being Sundance kid and Apollo renamed to butch, but I told my dad that it was too late! So Zeus became Zeus!
I almost kept Ris' original name, Sunny, when I couldn't come up with a new one. But I eventually did land on 'Risa' which is a much nicer, better suited name.
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Riley was almost called by her Registered name, Gretchen but something about the name Riley just suited her! I also really liked the name Margot but my fiance wanted nothing to do with it!!
Jolene was the name they gave her at the shelter, and they also call her Jojo, and she knows both. I call her Prisspot behind her back.

Jolene- reminds me of that Dolly Parton song.. my DH loves that song! That's a good name.
Well Kenya's name (see my sig) was Chopper, aka Lamb Chop, ChopChop, and Choppy. I still call her Chopper or ChopChop sometimes and that is how she's referred to to her breeder and friends. I got her when she was almost 4 years. We called her Chopper, but everyone thought that meant she was a boy and was mean so I changed it. She caught on in about 5 minutes, and she will still answer to Chopper, so it doesn't really matter.

Coke's rescue name was Teddy. We didn't like that at all and he didn't know his name when we got him. We wanted a one syllable name that wasn't common. I thought Coke was incredibly cute, and he's brown/black like Coca Cola. If I ever have to register him with performance venues he will be "VPC's Coca-Cola" (from the rescue Vicky's Pet Connection).
Well our two "almost" had other names in that they both had other owners before. Odin was "Cylon" (yeeesh!) until I got him at 5 months of age and Frigga was "Herra" her first year and a half. I have used Teutonic names for decades now and had long planned on what I would name them. I did think about calling Odin "Loki" for a bit but that didn't even last an hour. Soon as I saw him I knew I had made the right choice. And as for Frigga, well Frigga (aka Frick) was Odin's wife in Norse mythology so there was never any other thought for her name.
I didn't really debate. Luc was actually known as Lucky at the shelter and rescue, and I was like 'great....he's had the name for at least 3 years, he knows it....and I am NOT going to be the person calling for 'Lucky' in the park'.

So, I figured, Luc was phonetically similar, and since the shelter he was in so long (they redid their website and have email now....I know, wow, email, but I might email them pics and stuff since he lived there so long) was in Quebec, I spelt Luc the French way as a nod to his Quebecois heritage.
(Once resulting on a hike a guy from Quebec getting really excited and trying to get Luc to sit in French....Luc appears to be only an anglophone only)
Massie (my first dog) was called Petunia at the shelter!
I called her Massasoit Little Bear after the Wampanoag Indian chief. She very much lived up to that name.

Rafi was called Heinrich (Heinie for short, I kid you not!) by his foster dad. I called him Rafael after the Italian painter because I think Rafi is such a beautiful dog!
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Bella's name was Darlin' before I took her in in April 2006. I knew immediately that I would change it...I was NOT going to be the person calling "Darlin'!" across the dog park!
Chopper wa originally Pork Chop (similar to the story above). The breeders grandson named him before he went to live with the co breeder who called him Porkie. there was NO WAY I was going to call him Porkie in the obedience ring. Since he wa coming back to the original breeder, who is a member of my club, I didn't want to offend anyone, so I tried to pick a name close to pork chop. So he became Chopper. Sometimes he's Chop chop, my niece calls him Chops, and I like to call him Chop Shop.

Usually though, I pick my call names out in advance (I already have several lined up). Then I try to make a registered name fit the call name, and look over the dogs/puppies to see who fits that name.

I picked Chase's name out months before I got him. He really fits the name.
Morgan was almost Morrigan. The day I met her, it just seemed to fit but I could see myself calling her Maury, so I named her Merrigan instead. We started calling her Merri but she was never a happy dog so I changed it to Morgan.

Her call name is Morgan but most of the time we call her Moon (part of her last name), Morgue (like the dead body place, it fits her).

We also call her Morning, what her name means in german but she's actually named after a celtic goddess.
My Bravo (yes I have a Bravo!) was called Bravo by his owners before he ended up with the breed rescue, who kept the name.

When we adopted him it just seemed to somehow fit him so perfectly that we didn't think to change it. Add into the equation that I was in Bravo Company and the name just had to stay!
Brady was supposed to be Grady, then Brody
I had Divas name picked out before I grought her home. However most of the time she goes by "Hogger" since I picked her up in July and it was SO hot here she was always hot. I started calling her "Sweat Hog" and that turned into "Hogger" or "Hoggie".

I wanted a "western" type name fro Wrangler since he is a "cow dog. It was between Wrangler and Cowboy. Since he is blue merle I figured Wrangler fit since Wrangler jeans are blue also. Somehow though he ended up being called "Sweetness" most of the time. I have called him that for YEARS and can't remember where it came from. I call him "Sweet" and "Sweethearty" too.

Before I met "Siren" I had the names "Hera" or "Yara" in mind. But once I met her and heard her voice, I KNEW she was ment to be "Siren". Though even she is called something else most of the time already. I call her "Chomper", "Chomp", or "Chompy". Because she is always "chomping" on something.
Anton was supposed to be Wolfgang (after Mozart) because my husband wanted to call him Wolfie. Well, after long talk he agreed to 'Anton'. I'm glad he did since Wolfgang wouldn't fit our pup at all! Anton's nickname is 'Puppy' and I also call him Puppy Boy
and he responds to it as well :).

Yana was always Yana, since the moment I learned she was from Y litter, and I truly cannot imagine her having a different name.
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I originally wanted to name Grimm "Urko." But, that sounded too much like Urkel, from Steve Urkel, television nerd extraordinaire.

To my horror, for most of the first year and a half of Grimm's life, he was a totally happy NERD..
just like Urkel.
Now he has some training under his collar, and is learning manners and self-control.

Nicknames: SnigglePig, LumpyBum, HuggySweets, GoofaLump.
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fun thread! With all our dogs, we had it down to two names that we muddled a while.

Luca was almost "Primo"
Fanny was almost "Nina"
Ellie was almost "Addie"

In retrospect, we picked the right name for each of them.
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