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Was this your German Shepherd? Reward for info. GA

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I just recently rescued a young Male German Shepherd. Black and Tan. He was at the Shelter... they were calling him Kobie... not sure if this was a name given from his owner or one they made up. He's VERY active, mouths and jumps up a lot. Could've been an owner surrender. I'm not sure how he got to the shelter or why he was left, but would LOVE to find his previous owner to learn more about him. He looks to be quite young between 10 months to just over a year old. He's in good shape, beautiful teeth, no tartar... Heartworm test was negative... not emaciated, very friendly, not shy or fearful, quite outgoing, gets along with other dogs, coat is in great shape. So he was well taken care of. If you lost a Shepherd, or turned one in... or maybe you think you bred him, or know someone who had him. I'd love to know more about him! Would be willing to discuss a "reward" for any verifiable information on him like puppy pics, parents, papers... etc. Note: He was neutered on April 12th - 2 days after we got him out of the pound (pound has already received proof of this from my vet), so papers are not for breeding purposes, just for information on his background. Thanks! I can email pics to anyone who might know a male GSD in Georgia. (Was adopted from Clayton Co Animal Shelter)
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Sent you a PM

Is there anyway you could post some pics?
Here are some pics of Kboie AKA Ike:

Photobucket for some reason isn't working for me today.
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