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was 'swollen lymph nodes'; now Mitzi update

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Sorry it's taken me so long to get an update posted, but my mother was in the hospital for 2 weeks and passed away not a week after being moved to nursing/hospice care. April was a rough month, to say the least....

Mitzi has had 3 chemo treatments in the meantime, and her lumpies were considerably smaller, if not gone, 2 days after her first treatment. She's much more active and her old self, not just lying around not feeling good. She's on a 26-week protocol - the Wisconsin protocol? - my daughther has the actual page from the vet explaining everything, and she's at work at the moment; I know there is more to that name of treatment, but it escapes me. We did not have her tested to see if it was t- or b-cells, and there was another test we opted not to do, as knowing these answers would not affect her treatment, and we wanted to put any money we could towards her treatment. Her spleen was enlarged, but they said that was not suprising, Her heart, lungs, urine tests were all clear, and her CBC is remaing high enough to continue treatment. She is on prednisone as part of this, and it is making her hungry; she'll try to clean up after herself outside if we don't stop her.... shades of her pre-epi diagnosis days (yuck!).

I just applied to the lymphoma group that was suggested before, hope to hear from them soon.

THank you all for all of your good thoughts and prayers, and I'll post updates - Hopefully things will calm down with everything else for a while..
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I am so sorry to hear about your mom... it is very hard to loose a parent and my thought and prayers go out to your family.

Maddie went through the same protocol and she did well on it. There was only one of the chemo drugs that casued a reaction but over all you wouldn't have know something was wrong if it weren't for the shaved legs! I teased her about wanting to be a poodle!

I will keep Mitzi and you in my thoughts.
Sorry to hear about your Mom. Yes, that was a bad month for you.

Glad to hear Mitzi is responding so well.
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