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Hondo and I went away for a long weekend last weekend. We spent a couple of days with my BF and her GSDs. Hondo was so well behaved, showed no aggression towards my BF, her two GSDs, nor her 5 year old son. He played like a puppy and worked like a pro. I was so proud of him. He responded very well to new places and things with little to no reaction. My BF (who is a vet tech) said that he has nerves of steel. I just couldn't have asked for a better weekend. But we were very busy and Hondo was on the go for most of each day. When we headed home he was very tired.

Then when I got home, hubby was working near his shop. Our neighbor was over and they were standing outside talking. I took Hondo out of his crate and he headed straight for hubby at a trot. Hubby turned to face him as well as the neighbor (who Hondo knows very well). When the neighbor turned, Hondo took off full blast towards the neighbor, but didn't bark. I called out "Hondo Nein!" and he stopped, but stood his ground in front of the neighbor and started barking.

Our neighbor (who is an older man) said "Hondo! It's me! That's enough!" As hubby reached over and grabbed his collar. Hondo looked at hubby like he didn't recognize him and then hubby said "Nien!" And then like the blink of an eye, Hondo stopped and was all happy to see hubby. By that time I got to them and hubby released Hondo. Hondo greeted the neighbor and went around sniffing out for cats.

Could it have been that Hondo didn't realize that they were standing there, and when they turned he was suprised and that was why he was rushing them? Is it normal for a GSD to rush with out barking? He is only 13 months old.
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