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*WARNING* to southern new englanders

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Just back from the vet with my dog who had runny squirty diarrhea all weekend, all over the house. Lovely visual, aye? Vet told me there's a stomach virus going around and she probably got it from sniffing some other dog's poop. Morgan did sniff something on the street the day before it started, she was obsessed and it was all I had to get her away from it (read, prong collar reminder coming up)

He gave her a shot of amoxy and some pills for next week. Said she should be better tomorrow. Hope she's not too mad at me for sleeping in her crate a third night.

So watch out where your big dogs go and don't let them sniff the...
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The best thing to avoid at all times is any type of contact with another dog's poop. Who knows what's in it so we only walk the streets in our neighborhood.
Sometimes when we are out for a walk, Hans gets his nose really close to smell another dog's poop. I tell him leave it and keep walking b/c I think it is gross. I didn't know he could get sick. Now we will definitely avoid all poops no matter what!
Thanks for the heads up! I'm in Ontario, but with the tourist season I don't imagine it would take long before it starts showing up here. I guess we should all take extra precautions, and like DHau already pointed out, "The best thing to avoid at all times is any type of contact with another dog's poop...."
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Thanks!!! Brady is more of the pee licker which is gross in itself
when we come to poop I say ick and we motor
At borderland there is no shortage of pee or poop
Pretty sure she got it in our neighborhood. Sad that some people are so ignorant to leave it on the street in the garden district!!! There's only a few dogs who are ever loose around here so I know it's humans not picking it up. Mercy, I could turn into one of those where's you bag people.

I do my best to not let her get near other poop, been telling her for 6 years 'yuck leave it.' It's hard to monitor her every second becuase I have 3 preschoolers in tow - 2 only a few weeks out of the stroller.

Hope what the vet said is true - she should stop this afternoon. YUCK!
Wow! Good to know... although I don't think (northern) nj counts as "new england" i am always weary of my curious puppy's vacinity to poop! mostly she has tendency to step in it. most of my townhouse complex are really great with picking up after their dogs, but there is SOMEONE who leaves it in various locations... sort of like a daily surprise where you are going to find it (last week it was ON MY DECK!!) anyway- even more of a reason for me to complain to the neighbors to find out who it is!
Thanks for the heads up. Hope your baby is feeling better.

Mine usually don't bother with other dogs poop but it's good to know that it needs to be avoided.
*Update* girl dog is much better today. Yesterday, she moped all afternoon and wanted no part of the plain rice that my vet instructed I give her. Today, I gave her plain chicken with simple broth and white rice - she ate 1 cup of rice with a chicken tender for lunch (she must have been starved, she never eats lunch!) For dinner, 2 chicken tenders and another cup of rice. Then she stole the kids' plain pasta when I turned my back on her for a minute.

Nothing has come out the back end since the vet shot her with amoxy but she seems 90% better today.

That's my girl, nothing keeps her down for long!
What excellant news!

I was just jumping on here to ask how she was.
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Thank you! She's completely back to normal today. Normal poop this morning and ate her usual dinner with a bit of BBQ steak tip the kids didn't eat. She wanted that left over red pepper too but I drew the line on that. She loves the spicy stuff and has a cast iron stomach but I'm not chancing a pepper 2 days after being SOOOO sick!
Originally Posted By: SunCzarina.........She loves the spicy stuff and has a cast iron stomach but I'm not chancing a pepper 2 days after being SOOOO sick!
Good plan!
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glad to hear she's feeling better
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