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There is a non profit organization called War Dogs monuments Inc. That is in the process of placing a memorial to military dog teams on a US installation.
As part of the 2008 defense Authorization act the defense department is permitted to acept the donation of a memorial.
A site has not been selected yet but Fort Belvoir in Va. south of Washington DC is the prefered location.

All costs to build and maintain the War Dog Memorial would be covered by donations
Rep. Walter Jones Jr. sponosored the provision said military working dogs and their handlers deserve a monument that would serve as a tribute to the bond of soldier-canine companionship solified by shared loyality to their mission.

I took this article just about word for word from the Marine Corps Times.

Here is the related web site:
There is a lot of infromation on the site they even have a web store to buy items to support their effort. Also they have renderings of the proposed monument.
I did not realize it but S/SGT Robert W Hartsock and his canine partner Duke recieved the Medal of Honor in Vietnam.

I can think of no better cause to support than this in my opinion this is long over due.

Thanks for your post. Chris (Historian) and I have had several posts on this issue in this forum and indeed this subject is what started this section in the forum.

To be clear there are War Dog Memorials in existence now. The Air Force has their's at March Field, the Army has their's at Fort Benning, and the Marine Corps has their's on the island of Guam. The goal now is for a National memorial to honor all these dogs regardless of service branch and era.

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The monument was developed, at least in part because of a video entitled "War Dogs, America's Forgotten Heroes".

The video is well worth viewing, and a portion of the proceeds go toward founding the monument. If you wish to order the video just search on war dogs or call, toll free 1-877-WAR-DOGS
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