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WANTED: Leerburg... Your Puppy 8 weeks To 8 Months

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Does anyone have this DVD and would be willing to sale it to me for less than Leerburg's cost which is $35.00?

Thanks and let me know!
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There are ways and means to get dvd's for less...
hmmm..I have a leerburg video.. but it's a two disk basic dog obedience...
yes I have one you are welcome to it. One horse lover to another. PM with address and I will mail it to you. It is by far the best video I got from Leerburg.
Great mjb03, I have sent you a PM!

Caliamarie, I would be intersited in your DVD's also, what would you be willing to let me have them for?
My hunch is you can find the video on Ebay, or perhaps's Craig's List.
If anyone else wants that same DVD I have one for sale too. I purchased it from Leerburg watched it 2 times.
PM me for more details if you are interested in buying it.
If anyone else want this video I have a copy as well, PM me if you want to buy it.
How much are you willing to sell it for? i'm interested.
Don't know if anyone would be interested in VHS (does anyone still own a VCR?) but we have a VHS copy of 8 weeks to 8 months. Several years old but never been watched, still shrink wrapped, if anyone wants it.
I still have a VCR...I know...I should leave the stone ages but I like my VCR lol
I would be interested in getting a copy of that also. If you have a copy please pm me with how much you want for it! Thanks!
I know this is an old topic but would love to know if anyone has any of the following they could sell me cheap(er) or burn copies of dvd's for me? I am hoping for -
Establishing pack structure
8wks to 8 months
basic obedience

okay, i'll stop there for now! thanks and feel free to PM me.
Have you tried limewire?
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