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WANTED: flat leather choke

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I am looking for an all-leather choke collar.

All the ones I have been able to find are either rolled leather, or have a buckle in the center. Those are not what I am looking for. I'm looking for a flat leather, one-piece choke with a ring on either end and no extra buckles, snaps, adjustments, etc. It needs to be brown in color and 20" to 22" in length.

Like this - but WITHOUT the braiding. Just plain brown leather.
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Oh I have bookmarked that site! Nice leashes too.
That's a very nice site - but they don't have what I'm looking for. I need a BROWN flat choke. I've found black ones all over the place.
I apologize. I saw the photo and it LOOKED brown to me but I didn't read the order form where it shows they are all black.

I did find this site for you though, would this work?

If you scroll down to I believe the 5th item it says Flat Slip Collar and can choose size, color, etc...

Let me know, if not i'll keep helping you look.

Edit: I clicked the link myself and noticed it takes you to their main page. You'll have to click on collars and then scroll down!
Yes, that's what I'm looking for - a brown, flat, slip collar. Is there a place like Accolade that sells them in the US? Accolade are in the UK - I'm sure that shipping would probably be twice the cost of the collar.
This place has them but i didn't see the size you wanted in brown. You may have to contact them and wait until they have it in their inventory.

This place seems to do custom stuff. You might be able to contact them and request the item as it doesnt seem like a hard thing to make. I see that they do rolled ones so you could probably just ask for a flat one.

I'll keep looking around but i've checked about everywhere.
Thanks so much, Innuendo.

If it were just for day-to-day use, I wouldn't care if it was black or brown. However, I have a specific purpose planned for the collar as part of a display, and brown is the more historically accurate / more commonly used color. I never thought finding a brown leather choke would be quite this difficult. *lol*

I might try around locally as well, to see if anyone here that does leather work can custom make one for me. I know there are some leather shops in Williamsburg.
That's what i'd do, if you can find a place that sells horse reins and such i usually buy a pair of those and turn them into leather dog leashes. A shoe repair shop can stitch/rivet it or both if you prefer.

I imagine you might be able to find brass O rings online or at a hardware store and the rein leather would be perfect and then measure which size you'd want and have them make it for you.

It would probably end up being a lot cheaper than ordering one and if you bought horse reins maybe you could even get a matching leash made and probably a few extra collars. You might even be able to sell a few on here if you wanted to make some of the money back!
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