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WANT TO BUY: your old Schutzhund dvds and books.

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good morning all,
If i keep sending away to Leerburg for dvds and books I'll be trying to run my vehicle on canola oil (its not a biodeisel)
If anyone has any Schutzhund DVDs or book they no longer want I may want to purchase them from you. please contact me and let me know what you got. I may well want to take it off your hands.

I am very interested in any books/dvds pertaining to raising working dog pups. As well as any books specific to Schutzhund obedience and tracking phases.

I would also love to get used copies of any good positive reinforcement books. If you happen to have an old school copy of Julia Child's "Mastering the art of French Cooking" I'd be very interested in any pre 1970 versions of that.

thanks a bunch,
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I can't help you persay, since I want to keep all my books...but I have had a lot of luck finding them used for a reasonable price online and I also have found a surprising number of books at local used bookstores. You just kind fo have to look around.

I've had a lot of luck on Ebay...

This isn't used, and I've just ordered it myself, but from what I hear it's a very nice comprehensive book. There's a copy on Amazon for $250, why I do not know, since it's on this website for $35.
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