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I SMELT (smelled? smelt is more fun to pronounce..) ONIONS. That's right. Somebody didn't both putting a garbage bag in the garbage bin, so it got completetly dumped. Actually sorta looked like the contents of somebodys fridge, except not a lot seemed to be rotten.

Clearly I was somewhat ticked off because people are careless and while not everybody can know what and how this is dangerous to what animal etc, etc. it IS however, their responsibility to clean up after themselves. There is this line of houses along a popular avenue by the school with a ton of little kids living in the houses, I dont know.. it's like they keep having more or the little tots don't actually grow up (wouldn't doubt it.. the 8th grades keep shrinking every year! Seriously though, everybody used to be like 5'' 7 -6-4 and it has gradually gone down over the years. When I started we were all atleast 5''2 except for a few.. now the boys starting aren't even 5 feet tall. Health trend? We are shrinking!!) but either way they throw JUNK on the street in the pond and wherever else and do not take responsibility for it. How hard is it to actually call value village or something?

I'm a total freak about my dogs around onions. Sheeba died of anemia last year.. I've read that onions can be a culprit of such.
Good thing babygirl knows "leave it!"

OH AND, I wanted to post the GORGEOUS brothers and sisters from Vida's litter:

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'Juna' is definetly adorable. The ones from the Q litter are adorable too! I feel weird with my black pupper because she doesn't have those 'expressive eyebrows'.
hmph. Well.. the others probably don't have huge bushy tails by now.
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