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Vicksburg, MS: 12 YO Male Heartworm Positive

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This is an email from the shelter:

This is Shaun at the Vicksburg-Warren Humane Society in Vicksburg, MS. We currently have a male 12 year old heartworm positive German Shepherd. He is sweet as can be and desperately needs to get out of the shelter. He arrived at the end of April and he is getting depressed because he has been here so long. He was supposed to leave in May, but the rescue that was going to take him had a conflict on their end. Since then, we've had no luck getting him out of the shelter.
We feel it would be inhumane to keep him in a cage too much longer. Lately he has just been laying down in his cage all day.

If you can help, or if you can refer us to someone who can help us quickly, please contact us. Any help would be greatly appreciated...

Thank you,
Shaun at VWHS

The adoption fee of dogs and cats is $75. This includes their first set of shots and deworming, a free vet office visit within seven days of adoption with any of our local vets, as well as the cost of spaying or neutering the animal.
Animals that have already been spayed/neutered have an adoption fee of $30.

Camper is a German Shepherd. He is around 12 years old and heartworm positive. He is a very sweet dog and loves everyone. He needs a second chance. Whoever adopts him will have to agree to treat his heartworms. If you would like to sponsor Camper's heartworm treatment, contact the shelter for more information.
Camper has been here since the end of April and really needs to be adopted to a loving home.

Vicksburg-Warren Humane Society
Vicksburg, MS
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Anyone out there for this poor baby???
I wish he were closer to me! (NC)

I hope he finds a good home soon!
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I rememer seeing this guy on the forum before:

What type of HW treatment would they be looking to do for a 12-yr. old dog?
He does not look 12 to me. If he really is 12, it would probabaly be unfair to put him through the Immiticide treatment. At that age he would be better off with the Heartgard.
Thank you for starting another thread for this dog, Sandy.

And thank you, Cindy, for locating his original thread.

My offer of a donation to an approved rescue to help with his expenses is still good, of course.

Please send me a PM if help is needed.
He's very handsome...doesn't look 12 to me either.
Maybe 8, based on appearance. Which makes him quite adoptable.
Originally Posted By: RebelGSDMaybe 8, based on appearance. Which makes him quite adoptable.
That's my opinion too. I would estimate a mature adult from his body, he looks like he's in good shape, especially for being in a shelter. Plus, it's a dimly-lit shelter photo. The gray on his muzzle may be what made the shelter guess that he's older. But we all know how common gray muzzles are on younger GSDs!
I want to jump into his photo and snatch him out. He's hauntingly handsome!

I'll spread word of this guy. Anyone have more information on how bad his heartworm status is?
Please, some one give this beautiful boy this one chance! Look at those soulful eyes, he is pleading.
A nice quiet retirement would be so deserving.

PLEASE help him.......
I've started to pass this along. Maybe if some could copy and paste and forward, it will help?

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Closed today, but sent an email to find out more information. He looks like a kind old soul:


----- Original Message -----
From: DonnaJ
To: [email protected]
Sent: Wednesday, July 23, 2008 12:12 PM
Subject: Pet Inquiry: Camper PFId

To whom it may concern and/or to Shaun,

I'm writing to find out more about Camper, the senior German Shepherd male.

A few questions:

*How is he with other dogs and/or cats?

*How bad is his heartworm status, any idea?

*How is the rest of his health?

*Any more photos of him that I can share?

He is posted on german shepherds forum and people are trying to help him. I called your shelter today but learned you are closed on Wednesdays.

Donna Joseph
Boston, MA
[email protected]
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I really think he looks much younger and that changes his situation from needing hospice care and being a forever foster to being adoptable and needing a "normal" foster home.
Just to clarify, I'm not looking to bring Camper to my own home or to adopt or foster him myself.

While surfing through Urgent section the other night, he just grabbed at me. I have someone in the wings, sort of, (a friend of Paul and Star that I haven't met yet), whose GSD recently passed and he's searching for 'a dog that really needs me.' He wants one 'yesterday', but vacationing in Maine, so I've started to forward links to Paul. So it's a very 'iffy' situation, but my ears and eyes are open, anyway, for any suitable candidate for this dog.
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