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Do you guys have 'dramatic' dogs too or is this just an Adalwolf special?
We have 1 Kirschental GSD and 2 rescues. 1 of the rescues can be a bit dramatic but the Kirschental is extremely dramatic. She was well socialized and exposed to everything you could imagine. She walks confidently and proudly and doesn't show any signs of aggression at the vet, etc.

Should I try and help him get over it, or ignore it?
Well don't coddle him as that will just encourage it. Other than that, there's nothing you really need to do except keep exposing him to as much as you can and make the experiences positive.

Its pretty funny most of the time, like when I accidentally stepped on his foot and he limped over to me like he would never be able to walk again, until he saw I was about to open the door to go outside, and then he ran out that door and completely forgot about his foot, which just moments before was most definitely broken and needed instant attention and sympathy! lol.
Been there - the broken foot syndrome. lol We fell for it once and never again. Now we say "I'm sorry." and move along. :p

However, my sister (vet tech for a long time) said that dramatic puppies can sometimes become nippers later in life when they are stepped on/accidentally hurt , so should I be correcting his behavior somehow?
No disrespect to your sister but there's no correlation there at all. We incorporated 'bumping' into our training from the start and our GSD is fine with being bumped into and takes no offense at all. As you pointed out above, it's often just a play for attention so don't play into it.
1 - 1 of 29 Posts
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