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Minna is quite the drama queen!!
Although she's A LOT better then she used to be. When she was 2-4 months old if she got hurt she would definitely limp around and whine and cry and carry on -- and my mom would feel bad for her, which is probably why she continued doing it.

It's mostly when she and sobacca are playing, if he bites her too hard she'll yelp and then just step back and bark this "why'd you do that" high-pitch bark at him -- he'll just stare at her as if to say "get over it". Two seconds later the game will continue.

Actually a few days ago my dad was running on the treadmill and Minna put a paw on it and got stepped on. So she comes limping over and I got up and she sort of walked underneath me uncharacteristically -- sort of like a kid would want to be held when they're hurt. So I looked at her paw, grabbed it softly, pet her, and said 'you're fine, you obviously just hobbled over here on it so you'll survive'.....and by the time we reached the end of the hallway she was perfectly fine.

So she still is a drama queen, just not quite as bad as she was 3 months ago.
1 - 1 of 29 Posts
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