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My otherwise rather "tuff" GSD girl has always been a bit dramatic about handling related things - doing toenails, stepping on her, grabbing her. Yet the same dog shattered one of her toes and walked on it for hours? maybe half a day? and didn't limp or yelp at all until she stubbed it playing ball. Dogs are weird sometimes. My other two GSDs are/were very stoic.

Absolutely no dogs I have ever seen has been as dramatic as the Belgians I've gotten from a certain line. They shriek when you pick them up and they don't want to be picked up. They shriek when you clip their nails. They shriek when they are confined. They shriek when they are frustrated. They shriek when they are excited. Luckily they mostly seem to outgrow it by time they are adults.

IMO no, being dramatic does not mean they will be biters. It is a good idea to condition any puppy to accept handling, hugging and accidental bumping though.
1 - 1 of 29 Posts
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