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(Anyone get my reference to the title?)

Anyways Zelda did fantastic at the Vet today, we were there for over a hour, she got acupuncture, blood test, the vet adjusted a vertebra, did full extension in both hips, did a wellness. Not a growl or bark at any human. I was on my ball as well, i think if i wasn't she would have, that being said Zelda was fantastic!
Also blood work says all is normal, thyroid just a bit low, but just something to keep in mind, nothing to be concerned about, and we both would want to help the thyroid so that it could regulate better than to jump to medication anyways. Im going to continue to do the PT full extensions on both back legs for her hips. She is at a perfect weight since the last time, she gained about 9 pounds at the ideal body condition! (Yay finally!)

But i am super proud of her and so happy we have had smooth sailing this past year health wise (hopefully the rest of her life!) :grin2:

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