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Very Proud of Spirit and Eli ...

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Yesterday I adopted a senior lab mix, chained outside for most of her life, who is emaciated, deaf and heartworm positive. She is small, about the size of a Springer Spaniel, so I was slightly concerned about my boisterous labs and GSD's ....

My guys were amazing - I think they know she is sick, so very gently and slowly went to greet her, all wagging tails. What did they get for their trouble - snapped at

This girl (needs a name) is a little spitfire! Last night Spirit just looked at her wrong ... she trotted over to Spirit making a screeching/barking noise and grabbed hold of the side of Spirits face!! Spirit was more than capable of getting this invader off and causing significant damage, but just sat there with a somewhat panicked look on her face until I rescued her

And here was me thinking that introducing a sick senior would be easy
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I'm glad i'm not the only one who had an eventful Saturday with their dogs. Jenny got out of her crate (again!) just as I got home so of course Chia, my bulldog, had to challenge her and everyone else wanted to join in. I got one of the scoundrels off the pile and put her in a crate and when I got back Chia and Jenny were just circling each other warily and chia looked kind of dazed. Jenny could easily hurt Chia and she did take another stab at it but I grabbed her by the collar and took her out to the pen until I could get everyone situated. As soon as Gracie came back in, here comes Jenny, she busted out of the pen also. Beast! lol Just glad she didn't do it when Sunshine was out, that would have been a fight for sure. I took Jenny up to the clinic last night. Always something with these crazy dogs.
Oh my Joanne, I bet you weren't expecting that kind of thing to happen. Kudos to Spirit for handling it all so well. And Kudos to you for being the natural Alpha leader so that Spirit looked to you for direction, and did not make decisions on own but waited for you to intervene.

Seems like things will be getting just a bit more interesting at your house from now on! Have fun with it!
Spirits mom It just goes to show how well you have trained your pups.

It seems like I keep reading stories like this. I can't help but wonder how on can know and prevent this from happening anytime they add another dog to their pack. As much as I want another GSD and a companion for Rocky I am not sure I want to risk him being attacked by another pack member.
I hope that this is because she is ill. Poor things sounds like she's had it so rough.....It is so not fun have to crate/rotate dogs.....

good luck. looking forward to seeing some pictures and updates...
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