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Very dry around nostrils

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I just noticed that Tank and Max both have very, very dry noses. On Max it is one side of the nostril and looks sore and dry and on Tank it is both nostrils but not as dry as Max. I called the vet to ask what they thought about it, but forgot they close early on Wednesday. Any thoughts on something to put on it to soften it up. I have bag balm but not sure about putting that on the nose. Any thoughts on why this would happen?
Upon looking closer at them it looks like there are sores in the corners of the nostils too. Is there anything I could maybe buy over the counter until tomorrow to soothe it?
Thanks, Cathy
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I know someone else on here will know a lot more about this, BUT, I do know that plain vaseline is safe if ingested. So, if they don't lick it all off, it might provide some relief until tomorrow. Good luck with this. Could the dry cold air have caused this?
Hi, Thanks for responding. Its weird that Tank and Max have it but not Jessie. Tank is the groomer of the 3 and he licked at the dryness of Max's nose and it looks pretty sore now. I never even noticed it until today. I did find some Miracle Coat Miracle Mist skin treatment in my doggie cupboard and called the 800 number to ask if it is safe to use on the nose and had to leave a message. It only says not to get in the eyes, so still not sure if I could use it or not. It says is more effective than aloe vera and it is all natural.
It could be allergy related. I would try plain vaseline until you can get them to the vet to be checked over.
I know that Vitamin E is OK. The gel caps that you poke with a pin and apply it on the nose. I would use bag balm before I would use vaseline JMO. Best of luck.
The reason I said vaseline is that after my dog ate some rocks, I took her to the vet and he did x-rays. He said to feed her vaseline sandwiches to help pass the rocks. She ate A LOT of vaseline, so I know it is safe if ingested. I can't say the same for the bag balm. I was told NOT to use it on a nursing bitch foster that I took care of. It wasn't "safe" for the pups.

Good luck. Keep us posted when you find out what the vet says.
ShepsRgr8, very interesting about the vaseline sandwich, also about bag balm and pups. I guess I will be more cautious about bag balm.
Have you had spring weather that has caused you to spend a lot more time outdoors than you did this winter? I had a dog whose nose would do this and I finally figured out it was sunburn! It would look dried and cracked and would clear up on it's own.
I love Badger Balm- They have one called "healing balm". I use it on Ruby's feet when her pads are really sore. It's not a thick as vaseline but works to coat and get down into the skin. Local drugstores often carry a variety of Badger Balm products.
Thanks everyone for responding. Yes, it was a warm weekend and I think the dogs were rooting around in the sand. I just talked to the vet (gosh I like her so much) and she told me a few things I could do. The vitamin E capsules, Zinc Oxide and she told me she would give me some, and also benedril capsule at night if I want. Also she said to put Refresh Tears in there eyes 3 times a day and that would help lubricate the nostrils. So I will try these things and see what happens. Hope it works.
Interesting about the Refresh tears. I hope that works. I was thinking about this and my Boston Terrier's nose was peeling this winter. I finally figured out that she had windburn from going with us sledding. I hope your dogs feel better/ get back to normal soon.
I would suggest whole leaf aloe vera gel or coconut oil for moisturizer for their noses. Both are ok to ingest and are actually good for your dogs health. My dogs love the taste of both. Shay bit Meb a few weeks ago on his hip while playing and I put the whole leaf aloe vera gel on the wound and was amazed at how fast the cut healed. I use the 100 % organic. Good luck
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