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Vaccinations 101 -- The Whole Dog Journal August 2

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There is an excellent article in the August 2008 issue of The Whole Dog Journal entitled Vaccinations 101 by Lisa Rodier. It is about Dr. Ronald Schultz and his studies on canine vaccines, including his current 5 & 7 year challenge studies on the rabies vaccine being financed by The Rabies Challenge Fund.
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For those of us who can never get a copy of the Whole Dog Journal, if anyone can please summarize-- that would be much appreciated.
Patti, you can read the Whole Dog Journal online. A US subscription is only $20 a year, but they charge $42 a year for international subscriptions. Any subscriber can register for online access. You might want to contact them and see if you can get an online only subscription for the US price rather than having them send you a paper copy. You can also buy individual articles online, but it's way more expensive - $10.00 per article for non-subscribers.
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