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Using Target (Euth. Hero Dog) as a "Selling" Point....

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This kind of upset me. I was browsing CL and found this. This shelter (I'm not sure if this is a shelter's ad, but it's for promoting adoption), is using Target's accidental euthanasia as a 'selling' point for people to adopt dogs. The title is "Adopt a Rescue Dog in Honor of Target"

Adopt a Rescue dog in honor of TARGET

I don't know why this bothers me, but it does. :/
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I suppose their hearts are in the right place, but yeah, kinda bothers me too... :confused:
Yes, and it's a shortsighted campaign because it is not good to pity adopt, or adopt for any emotional reason, or on a whim, etc.
OMG I didn't even know about this?! I just saw that dog on TV a few weeks ago, this is horrible! I can't believe that shelter let that happen, that poor dog and owner!
the ad has been flagged for removal so i wants able to read it. Thats still not a good way to go though.
Since it was flagged, this is what the ad said.

I was deeply saddened today with the news of Target, the local Afghanistan War Hero dog that was accidentally euthanized yesterday at a local animal control shelter. Please consider adopting a rescue dog in memory of this wonderful courageous dog who touched so many lives. Little Dude, the first picture shown here is a german shepherd mix, just like Target. Wont you consider giving him a chance? If you would like to meet Little Dude or any of our wonderful rescue dogs and cats, please reply to this post and one of our dedicated volunteers will get back to you shortly
thats not the way to promote adoptions. their heart is in the right place but the method is all wrong.
That is not how you are supposed to get people to adopt.
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