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Used leather leashes, different sizes.

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2 6ft 1in wide brown leather leashes
2 6ft 3/4in thick brown leather leashes
1 6 ft 1in thick brown leather leash it has the extra rings and snaps on it so that it can be used as a shoulder lead or also to walk two dogs, etc...
2 leather dog collars medium sized. i can get exact inches if needed. would fit a puppy
1 6ft 1in wide 2 ply neon orange lead.

Most were gifts and used at some point but I prefer the thin leather leads for walking and training. I'm not sure what im selling it all for but feel free to make offers on all or part. They're all in good condition and some rarely used.

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are you selling the collars too?
whoops haha never mind i should have read first before looking haha sorry. =)
whats the longest size collar you have?
It isn't shown but I have 2 20in leather collars i believe. They're just plain leather buckle collars nothing special to them never used. I got them as a gift recently and my GSD pup is still too little and I prefer the braided leather collars I buy from j&j. I'll take pics when I get back home.
Do you have any idea of what you would want for the leather leashes? We always like to have spare leashes to use at our adoption days. Our site is

There is nothing worse than trying to hang onto a nasty nylon leash for three hours at an adoption day.

Thanks. Lea
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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