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Updated pics of Sig

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I haven't been on in a while, Been extremely busy with school. I haven't even been attending the training sessions like I should be, but he's only 5 months old now, so I'm not too worried that he's missing anything. I've been working on obedience religiously, and it's going very well. hopefully I'll figure out how to juggle life, school, and training so I can start going. He has gone through some extreme color changes too... for a moment I was getting nervous because most of his body was red, but eventually the black came back through.

here are some pictures at 2 months.. These were taken the day my boxer got his stitches taken out from his dual surgery (neuter and tumor removal), which was the first time they had been able to sniff crotch.

And I took these yesterday, 5 months old, after a fresh bath and major brushing getting all of his shedding fur out.

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thats one handsome pup you have!!! its crazy how much their color changes huh?!
Good looking boy! I love his name- I almost named Stosh Sig, but he just looked more like a Stosh
Sig is a very good looking boy!
What a handsome fellow he is!!
Very handsome! Both dogs.

Don't worry - the pups do become less time consuming as they become a little more self-sufficient, more able to entertain themselves, as they get older.
I love his face!! He's too cute!!
It's kinda cool watching the color change. I do have a few pictures at home where he is almost totally red except a black stripe down his back.

A lot of people that see him think he's a mix, partly because they're ignorant, and because he's different from what they're used too as far as colors, and because he doesnt look like an American bloodied GSD. It's always fun educating people on the differences from what they're used too to what Sig is though.

My boxer Leo was an extremely easy dog to train in all areas, he was slightly stubborn in some spots (it took me 3 months to get him to lay down on command), but that's minor. Sig has been slightly easier, I'm still working on the concentration part of everything, making sure he's looking me in the eyes when I'm giving commands, but he's still doing really good. He's got sitz, plot, fuse, and almost has blieb down. Excuse my German spelling. He will look up at me sometimes when in fuse, but not all the time like I want... ill excuse it though since he's only 5 months, with as good as he's doing, I'm positive he'll get it.

I'm gonna try and start attending training sessions again in December, to get working on tracking and bite work... most of his baby teeth are coming out now, his canine are growing in so Im not worried about injuring him too when tugging on him.

Thanks for the good replies, gotta go to class now, lol.

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