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Well, good things first---

I have been working with Rocky three times a day every day for the past two and a half weeks on not barking at strangers.

For the strangers that wanted nothing to do with him, if he glanced at them and then back at me he got a treat or his favorite toy. If he started to bark, we instantly went either back into the house or the opposite direction on the track with a firm verbal reprimand. Then when he calmed down we would turn back around on the track or go back out of the house and either repeat the reprimand if he barked or he would get a treat/toy when he ignored them.

It's finally working! Today we walked two laps around the track and passed atleast five scary guys and a ton of women running and he never made a single sound. Yes, he did turn his head to keep looking after we passed them, but I'm sure he will grow out of that as his confidence builds up.

I am so proud of him!!

(PS: Our track is actually one that winds around a hospital and has 4 or 5 huge hills and dips, three bridges, and is surrounded by trees bushes and grass. You can only see about 50-100 yards infront of you before the track veers left or right, so this has been a great learning way for Rocky because the strangers appear out of 'nowhere'.)

As for Rocky's 'neutering', instead of forcing him down and taking pictures of the scar that I believe was from his original neuter, we are working on 'lay down' (lay on his side) and then 'stay' no matter where I touch him. We have been doing this about 5 days, and I think I will be able to take the pictures by tomorrow without him jumping up. (I have to spread a patch of fur to see the scar and he doesn't like it lol) I figured this was a good opportunity to teach him that so incase he ever gets hurt or I need to check him out I can do so without the wiggling.
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