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So, I had my appointment with the behaviorist this past Monday. It went very well and I have high hopes that I will be able to work through this problem.
It was kind of funny in a way. I had left my dog in the car while I waited inside the business for the trainer. We spoke for a few minutes and caught up with each other since it has been about 10 months since we have seen each other. I said something about going to get my guy and meeting him and his co-trainer in the work area. He asked me if I thought my dog would be aggressive with either of them when I brought him in. I didn't even have to really think about it before telling him that it wouldn't be a problem.
And that made me realize that there is a great deal of hope because this behavior is so specific to certain situations only. And since we have such a good idea of the triggers, we can really address them.
So, I have parked my ego at the door and gotten down to the business of working with my dog. One really cool benefit of this is that I am spending some quality time with him. No sheep, no trainers, no other dogs. Just him and me and a bag of baked liver. And that can only be a good thing.
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