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Hi all! It has been a while since I have posted but life has just been hard and distracting for quite a while. I am currently disabled due to a work related injury (career ending back injury) and have run the host of emotions that come from such an event not to mention losing everything we had :(

My Emma is now 11 1/2 and effected by spondilyosis (sp?) and it is progressing. It is hard to see her struggling a bit to get up and to be comfortable but otherwise she is still healthy and we love her to death and thank the Lord for all the years he has given us with her. We still have her son Tobe who is a beautiful, handsome strapping 6 yr old. I placed his sister Aimee with my best friend and she is totally enriching their lives and bringing them great happiness. Due to my back problems I have gone to Dachshunds and love the little buggers (boy are they full of themselves.)

I have just missed the boards and figured I would poke my head in and at least see old friends and get involved in conversation to distract and give me something to do, without the stress of yesteryears. Otherwise I am studying photography and hanging around my house with all my fur and feathered and skin kids.

Hi to all and I hope everyone is doing well.

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