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**Update on Moxie**

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Well, we took her to the vet. She weighs 53lbs right now and they said she needs to gain about 5 more. She has a yeast infection in her ears and we had her wormed. She isn't spayed, so we will be having that done in the next couple of weeks. I am going to have her hips checked when they are doing the spay.

She did very well at the vet. She was a little scared but showed no aggression to the vet or techs. She was fine with the other dogs there too. I think overall she is going to be a good dog.

Have any of you done clicker training? I am think about doing that with her. Once her hips check out, I am going to start her in agilty. She is very high energy! She is like the energizer bunny stuck on go!!
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