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As requested,

Puppy Pictures!! from my Boarder Collie and the King GSD (crazy sister's boyfriend's dog)

My Gypsy decided to have the pups a touch early, yesterday morning first puppy arrived at exactly 4am. Thankfully the pups were not as large as I had originally worried they'd be.

Today Everyone doing well. Yesterday Became a bit of a tear jerker, and was very freighting for the last half. As we lost 5.
However, 5 made it. Whom I'm happy to report are all fat, healthy, and HIGHLY opinionated. We got 3 girls and 2 boys.
Gypsy and I were completely exhausted by the end. Made me happy that she was still sporting her big happy smile after. My main concern was her, and to make it through this without losing my best friend. She did a terrific job.

Welcome to the big brave world lil puppies!


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