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Unusual lip growth

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I hope it is not inappropriate to ask for input on my Shepherd's health issues. About a month ago I noticed a small white lump on his lower lip. It has grown slightly and appears to be 'cracking' and dry at its tip. He doesn't seem to mind it but I'm wondering if it is something that requires urgent attention or should I just let it be? Here's a pic ... and thanks for any suggestions!


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I really don't know, but I always call the vet if something doesn't seem right. I'd say better to be safe than sorry, but that's just me.

Someone on here will probably come up with something better.

Probably a viral papilloma - very common in pups, but you should check in with your vet. My dog has had these and the growth was self-limiting - disappeared in a couple of months.

Hi, there. Other side of the coin ... my previous Shepherd developed a small growth on her gum. Didn't bother her at all. Decided to take her to vet to have it checked out, results came back that it was a very aggressive type of cancer. We lost her to the cancer within 6 months. So my advice, get it checked now! Good luck.
Vet looked at it and figures it is some sort of wart. Wait and watch. It's getting darker with time but not larger.

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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