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Originally Posted By: ZeusGSDUnfortunately supervision and picking up poop immediately is the only way to stop this. Especially if he is young, everything goes in the mouth. Puppies are worse than toddlers with this.
I agree w/Zeus, but I would add - teach him the "leave it" command. It is taking me quite a while with my dog, Kodee. I work with him occassionally during training sessions on this, but I also am very consistent in using it whenever applicable in everyday life - if we are on a walk, and he sniffs something, before even picks it up, I say "leave it", and give a quick pop on his leash (he just wears a flat leather collar). Same thing at home, only without the leash, normally. He starts getting interested in a paper towel on the floor - "leave it!". Even though i've done very little "formal" training on this command, he is finally starting to consistently listen to me the majority of the time.

Also - I do pick up his poops in our yard every 2-3 days - more for ourselves than hiim. He's not a poop-eater (except once, but that's another story.
). If we are on walks at the park, other people don't always pick up after their dogs, of course. That's a great time to work on "leave it" command.

Good luck and be patient. Kodee is over 9 mos old, and like I said, he's just now starting to be reliable on this most (not all) of the time, and I've been consistent with him since about 4 mos old...

One last thing - if you give the "leave it" command and he picks up something anyway, take it away from him immediately. Even if it's not something harmful, it still reinforces the command. If he learns that he won't get to keep the item even if he doesn't obey the command, it helps to not reinforce disobedience. I hope I'm saying that right. Kodee listens pretty well, and I think it's b/c he knows I'm gonna take it away anyway, so he may as well leave it...
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