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Originally Posted By: Chris Wild
Originally Posted By: 4workingdoghome
I'm assuming I can't show him in German Style Conformation, even if the testicle does drop at some point. I have zero interest in ever breeding him, I would just like the opportunity to experience GS shows.
Correct. Cryptorchids/monorchids and neutered dogs are not allowed in conformation shows.
I put part of the question in BOLD. Just curious, if the testicle drops, why couldn't the dog be shown in German style conformation?

Also, for what it's worth, when Ringer withdrew his testicle and it became clear it wouldn't drop, his co-owner had me take him to a lot of different vets, including a specialist. I was told by the various vets that the retained testicle could be safely left until he was between 18 to 24 months old, that it didn't need to be removed at a younger age.
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