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undecided (Orijen vs. Wellness)

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I need to switch my 10 week old puppy from Canidae to something as she's having diarrhea most likely due to the food (worm checked, etc). I read a lot about Orijen and Wellness and I would welcome opinion from folks who have used both. I'm going to switch her to a large breed puppy formula and they both seems since. I realize that what works for one may not work for another, but needless to say, I would like to make up my mind by hearing about experiences with both brands.

My concern with Orijen would be how difficult (or how easy would be) for the food to get spoiled. I will be looking at expiration dates/keeping in a dark cool room but also I don't want "the (bad) food because i didn't keep it the way it should" upset her stomach. Is the food that "sensitive" to the environment? :help:
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We just switched to GO natural endurance formula (it's not just for puppies but has a puppy feeding guideline on the back) .
just to let you know that the go grain free endurance has a maximum Ca level of 2.2% (they only list the minimum on their site, which is 1.8%). while that wouldnt be much concern for a smalll breed pup, imo, its too high for a large breed pup. in fact its higher than wellness core, which specifically warns against feeding to large breed pups for that very reason.
Thank you for the info, I'm really kind of at a loss... This is the first food that she has loved and has had normal stools on!
maybe one of the acana grainless formulas would work. it is similar to orijen except for a little less meat content and lower protein levels. being made by champion as well i think many of us feel pretty confident with it. i think the grasslands formula is the only one with higher Ca levels....but the pacifica and wild prarie are ok.
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