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It looks like for UKC Level 1, you cannot take a step or two backwards when calling the dog to front. Do you agree? (In AKC a step back is permitted in Rally Novice.)

Q. Exercise 17. Call Dog Front-Dog Right & Forward

1. Instructions. As the team approaches the exercise sign, the handler gives a command for the dog
to front. Once the dog is sitting in the front, the handler commands the dog to move to the right to
heel position and at the same time, the handler steps forward moving toward the next exercise location.
The handler does not wait until the dog reaches heel position before starting to move forward.
When reaching heel position, the dog does not sit but continues to move forward with the handler.
The handler may use a command and/or signal to direct the dog around to the right and behind the
handler and up to heel position.

2. Scoring.
a. Non-Qualifying Faults.
1) Failure of the dog to come in close enough for the handler to touch, without excessive bending,
stretching or moving either foot.
2) Failure of the handler to send the dog in the correct direction to finish as indicated by the exercise.
3) Failure of the dog to return to heel position by going to the right of the handler.
*4) Failure of the handler to heel forward before his/her dog has returned to heel position.
*5) Dog sits upon the return to heel and fails move forward with the handler.
b. Major and/or Minor Faults. Is to be assessed for the following, depending upon the extent of the deviation from ideal.
1) For dogs that come close enough but fail to sit in front.
2) Slow response,
3) Crooked front.
*4) Handler hesitates to move forward until dog reaches heel position.
*5) Dog sits upon the return to heel, but then moves forward with its handler.

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Also, I did NQ a rally run one time where I was thinking finish and it was forward. So I waited for the dog to sit before starting heeling again, and that drew an NQ even though she did move with me and according to the written rules since she did move that should have been a point deduction but not an NQ. So make sure if it says *forward* not to let the dog sit as that wasn't the only time/judge I've seen dogs NQ for that mistake despite what the rules say.
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