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U.S./ Canada Border Laws for Dogs?

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We are thinking about buying some property in Canada between Annapolis Royal and Bear River, and are wondering what the laws are about bringing our dogs back and forth.
Anybody know?


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You need to have proof of current rabies vaccination - that's it. I usually also carry proof of all their OTHER vaccinations, just in case.

My foster found his forever home in Canada a month ago. I needed a health certificate and proof of vaccinations to get him across the border. What you will need may vary since you will be going back in forth.
Yes, just proof of rabies or titer records with a note from your vet. In 20 years I have been asked to show the vaccination records just once.
Great News! Not a bunch of red tape.

Thanks guys!
You also need to look at the requirements to bring your dog back over the border. It's been awhile since I've done it, but as I remember Canada only required a current rabies shot and coming back over the border the US required a shot within the last year. I know, it sounds stupid that a dog that is current while he is here in the states, it isn't good enough after crossing the border. Maybe this has changed in the last couple of years, but I have been checked in the past and would hate to get stuck at the border.
I cross the border between 10 and 30 times a year. I have never been asked for proof of anything coming back with my animals. In fact, what usually happens is when they realize I've got a gsd in the back they all crowd around to look. Or they ask to pet Cleo, who rides up in front with me.
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i have to agree with ruth on this one. anytime that we have crossed everyone was more interested in checking out Bearla and our daughters tea cup gsd (a chihuhua with gsd markings that THINKS SHE IS A GSD) The laws however state rabies and immunization updated records.
When we drove through Canada, we had to show to show proof of rabies and a health certificate.
Every year my boss leaves Canada in December with his dog for US and comes back to Canada in April and he is required to have a current Health Certificate from vet and proof of rabies vacinations.
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