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U Know U Own A GSD When.....

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You know you own a GSD when you mistake a deer along the side of the road as a dog.

My husband and I were driving to Sandusky and along the Turnpike was a deer in the distance (about 50 yards). I grabbed his arm and said "OMG that dog is going to get hurt" in turn he replied "that's not a dog it's a deer. Boy you can tell you now own a large dog because you thought a deer was a dog."

Anyone else have a funny story like that?
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So funny and So true!!! I think we all have or will make that mistake :s
I did the same thing

I was always careful during hunting last GSD could be mistaken for a deer.....any animal that can "hop" over a 5 ft fence could be mistaken for a deer...
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One of my first fosters, is a sable and he is over 100lb. The couple that adopted him live on a 100 acre horse farm out in the country. We joked about him being as big as a deer and having to put a reflective vest on him so he doesn't get shot. She got to thinking about it since they often take the four wheelers out around the farm with the dogs in tow. The next deer season she actually got an orange vest just for him.

On another note, my dad's ex city slicker girlfriends once mistook a Jersey cow for a deer. We laughed about that one years.
It's those ears!
I know CJ's ears are hugh. It's funny when he thinks he's hiding because you can always see the tops of his ears.
There's this video going around of a reunion of two guys and their pet lion they released into the wild a few years earlier. My DH and I said it reminds us of how Max greets us everyday when we come home from work.,,20215715,00.html?xid=rss-topheadlines

Watch this video with volume on and be ready with the tissues.
They interviewed the two guys from that video on the today show this morning. It was really touching to hear their story.
i always mistake deer for doberman.
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