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For anyone who has seen this thread:

This is a dog I adopted from a friend of mine..he was given to me because this friend could not afford to treat his medical condition and did not want him to suffer because of it.

So, I have taken him in and started treatment. He went to the vet..they gave him antibiotics and suggested a medicated bath twice a week.

He absolutely HATES baths. I don't think he's ever had one! I tried bathing him once before going to the vet just to try to help his itching and his bad-yeast smell. It took 3 people and I work in a grooming and two other guys used to difficult dogs had a hard time with him for his first bath.

He actually did much better getting bathed at my house in a little set up I have. My boyfriend awhile ago was so tired of me bathing our other German Shepherd indoors so he found a free tub sitting on the curb for trash and brought it home and made me an area out back to do all my bathing.

The only difficult part is rinsing water off his face/head/ears or even going near his throat or back of his neck..he will bite at the water very hard and if you happen to have a hand a bather at work found hurts! He doesn't try to bite the person, he is going after the water. I tested it out a bit..using my own fingers :wild: this afternoon..he would not bite when he realized my hand was there but as soon as he saw just the water he would keep snapping.

I had to rinse his entire head/face/ears/neck by dipping a washcloth in water and rinsing it that way. I don't know if the previous people squirted him in the face with water or what but he hates it. He's only 8 months old so i'm hoping he will grow out of it or learn to accept it at least. are some photos.. to me his condition already looks better but perhaps i'm just hopeful. His skin does not feel as warm to the touch as it did's not as red and he's not scratching or itching as often. He will sleep through the night at least.


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