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Twice a day?

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Bear turns 14 weeks on Wednesday. Before he was eating his normal 3 times a day feeding, but lately he wants nothing to do with his middle meal. Most of my other pups were around 6 months before they refused the second meal but this is my first dog on raw. Is it normal that they only want to eat twice this early on?
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I start feeding 2 meals starting from 8 weeks.
Siren is the first puppy I have had that I have fed 3 times a day.

I feed her 3 times a day because if I don't, she is TERRIBLE about trying to eat EVERYTHING that gets close enough to her mouth when we are outside (Horse poop, goose poop, dirt, leaves, grass, EVERYTHING.) But if she eats 3 times a day, she only occasionally tries to eat horse poop, and doesn't even try to eat anything else.

If he doesn't want to eat "lunch", I would just skip it for a while and see how he does.
Mine have all been fed 2 meals from the time I bring them home at 12 weeks.
I go with my dog's patterns. Some pups naturally fall into the 2x/day pattern early. Some need that third meal for longer. Some are good with two meals and a small late-night snack.

Tracy hits on the indicators for me -- if my dog is trying to eat EVERYTHING in between meals, then I'm probably not feeding often enough.

And if the pup is just messing with her food, or isn't eating at all during a certain meal, then why bother? My adults would both probably be glad to eat just dinner. But I can't feed Camper 3+ lbs of food in one meal!
So they both eat a small breakfast, where I serve their favorite meats.

So, what works for my dogs, works for me. I don't run a restaurant. But once they get their meal preferences set, that's fine with me.
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