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I have a question about turkey. This is prompted by the fact that my other dog Coke has been sick. I went to Florida and DH couldn't come. He said the entire time, Coke alternated between pooping fine and then pooping liquid. Twice he pooped in the house and twice in his crate. Then two days in a row DH came home to a poopy crate. We ran him to the vet for a fecal, but it was negative. The vet asked about feeding. I said I'd been feeding Canidae Lamb and Rice and 1.5 weeks before I left, I got a bag of Canidae ALS. She said that it could be the food irritating his stomach since he had no other evidence of parasites or illness. We decided to fast him for a day, then feed a bland diet of white rice and boiled ground beef. She also gave us Flagyl. On the way home we stopped at the pet store to get Canidae Lamb and Rice. This salesguy approached me and for once, it seemed a pet store salesperson knew something about nutrition. Once thing he said that I'd never heard before is that a lot of dogs are very sensitive to turkey, but then he said "most dog foods no longer contain it." He recommended a lamb food and I said that's fine b/c I was going to get the Lamb and Rice. Out of curiosity, I checked the ALS ingredients and it does have turkey.

We have been mixing Coke's bland diet with the Canidae Lamb and Rice and he seems better. I am feeding Kenya the rest of the ALS since it doesn't seem to bother her.

Is it true what that guy said about turkey? Do you think he and the vet were correct?
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Back around thanksgiving we gave Rocky roasted turkey (not much just few bites) and while it did not give him runny poop it did give him HORRIBLE gas. Like don't just clear the room, open the windows and vacate the house. LOL

He has not had turkey since, and will not get it again.
All dogs are individuals and will react to different things. Turkey may very well be wrong for your dogs, but mine do *great* on turkey and it makes up a large portion of their diets.

"Several studies have shown that some ingredients are more likely to cause food allergies than others. In order of the most common offenders in dogs are beef, dairy products, chicken, wheat, chicken eggs, corn, and soy."

No turkey listed above.
It was always my understanding that chicken and turkey were very, very similar in the fowl family. If there is a chicken allergy, don't feed turkey and vice versa.

Also, I was under the impression that chicken/turkey allergies rarely come on suddenly, but can manifest over a long period of use.

Just some thoughts.
I've fed Renji *plenty* of raw turkey and still feed him turkey livers. He's all good here! One thing I did notice is that, after lots of turkey, he gets the sleeps just like we do after a big turkey meal.

I never give him cooked turkey. The way I cook 'em, they are RICH. Lots of good brine and tons of butter and a coating of oil. I did give him some way overcooked gizzard and liver after making gravy. I washed off the outer "goodies" and used them as treats and he did just fine.
The other thing I was told was that an allergy would not cause the diarrhea, so he could be sensitive/intolerant of turkey, but not actually allergic to it. For some reason, chicken is not a problem. He originally ate NV Chicken and we've often used cooked chicken breast for treats.
From what I've heard, food allergies usually cause outward signs like itching/licking, hives, etc. Whereas sensitivities cause diarrhea or other gastric issues. Ris is sensitive to salmon as it causes diarrhea (which can lead to SIBO with her if I continue to feed it).

I hope Coke is feeling better soon.
Both of mine are allergic to Turkey, I should say highly allergic to it. This is what the food allergy report said which I found and still do find interesting is that neither one of them have ever had turkey prior to them getting the food allergy test done. Cooper had diarrhea all the time that is what prompted my vet to want to do the food allergy test. Although, at that time he was on a Chicken base kibble which was fine b/c he isn't allergic to chicken.

I agree with Jamie though, I too think those would be the signs for sensitivities and food allergies.

Get Well wishes to Coke for me.
Both my kids do great with turkey. In fact, my senior, whose system has gotten more sensitive over the years handles turkey better than almost any other protein source.

I wonder if "most" dog foods don't contain turkey simply because it's more expensive than some other protein sources? Canidae has it. As do Merrick and Instinct, that I know, just off the top of my head. Oh, and Evo has a canned turkey formula. I know that raw feeders rejoice during November as we stock up on 40 cents per lb turkeys that we feed our dogs for months to come. So, I don't know...

It seems to me that dogs that get sick on Thanksgiving turkey, are probably responding more to the butter it's basted in, as well as the several sticks of butter that's in the dressing it's stuffed with. (Which is, of course, why stuffing is so yummy!

Just my theory though...
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Honest Kitchens Embark has turkey too. I add a quarter pound of ground to it as well. Lilly handles it just fine.
Turkey is the primary food for mine all winter...they love it and haven't had any issues with it.
Thanks for the tips! I feel better feeding Kenya the rest of the ALS. The guy made it sound like turkey was usually bad, but she's never had issues with ALS and there's plenty left in the bag.

Coke has had three formed poops now. He's still on the Flagyl and I guess I'll keep giving it to him until it's gone. I think it contains and anti-biotic? I know it's BAD to stop an anti-biotic round halfway through.
Flagyl is an antibiotic, you are correct.
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