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Tummy Troubles!

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My sweet doggie has been throwing up her food as soon as she eats it for the last 3 days. She has never thrown up before and generally has never had any health issues. She isn't drinking much water and just looks uncomfortable. Her stools look normal. I know she hasn't got into any types of plants or eaten anything she shouldn't we are with her all the time. She did however eat a wasp the other day, but she chases and eats the big bubbble bees and has been fine. I try to get her not to eat the bees but she is really fast. What should we do. We called the vet and he said she may have a virus, he told us to give her peptobismal and call if she wasn't better in a few days. I thought someone here may have some insight. We haven't changed her food or anything weird like that either.
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I would discontinue her ordinary food and switch to a bland diet of mushy overcooked rice, with a bit of cooked chicken or ground meat in it for flavor. If you can get the Pepto in her, that too.

Let her digestive system take a break. If she cannot keep the bland food down after a day or two, go to the vet.

I would encourage her to drink water. She can go longer without food than she can without water.

When you say she looks "uncomfortable"--what do you mean? Does she seem in pain? Is she lethargic? disoriented? Does her belly look or feel bloated? any of these symptoms might mean get to the vet sooner rather than later.
Is it possible the wasp stung her in her mouth or throat? Does she have trouble eating?
She doesn't seem in pain, just a little sensitive, wants a little more attention. She isn't having trouble eating, just vomits after she eats. Belly doesn't seen bloated, I gave her pepto and rice, She didn't vomit that. Can you give dogs yogurt? Never have, but was just curious.
I agree with the bland diet with rice and chicken
poor baby
Yes, plain yogurt with live cultures is good, unless she is lactose intolerant.

When mine have tummy troubles I feed white rice with a boiled egg.
I am one of those people who don't give things like pepto, I just let stuff come out as needed, unless the vet gives it. I figure if there's something that needs to come out (and this is what my vet says as well) it had better come out.

However, I think after 3 days of doing this I would tell my vet (hehehe) I'd see him soon and get an appt. to come on in. Because I worry a lot about deyhdration and vomiting can be a lot of weird things. 3K9Mom and MIHA had some weird vomiting situations-with their dogs-and mamagoose really knows a lot about vomit.

When I went I'd be hoping for bloodwork and x-rays as well as a thorough exam including palpating the belly, checking the heart/lung, taking a temp, checking in her mouth, etc. Starting at the end of my sentence and working my way back up to those big things.


Oh-also is the vomit food, or liquid, or mucous? If not food, take a little sample in.

Also, how is she vomiting? Like that urp, urp, urp thing or just blat and splat?
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All these simple ingredients are appropriate, IMO. But keep it simple. A bland diet is rice--with a little something to get them to eat the rice.

If she's keeping the rice down, that's a good sign. Encourage water. Watch her. And if she keeps this down for a couple days, start gradually introducing her old food again.

ETA: I'm kinda leaning towards what Jean is saying...I'd be doing bland diet on day one. By day three, I'd be at the vet. But if you're seeing improvement and your vet isn't worried...
We have plain yogurt. I feel so bad for her, she can't tell me whats wrong and I hate that. By the way what is bloat? I have never heard of it before and it sounds scary. Should I be concerned with this or am I an overprotective mommy?
she is vomitting al her foo. It isn't watery, just undigested food. is one bloat thread and there is a sticky post about bloat. I think that in Kramer's thread I posted other links to information on bloat. If not, let me know and I will find some good ones.

How long has it been since she ate the rice and what is the typical time between eating and vomit?
She ate the rice about 1pm and it is now 3pm her in NC. She has been eating her food and ten vomiting it immediately.
Get her to the vet Immediately!!!
if she can't keep rice down there is something seriously WRONG
After three days of vomiting, there is not question in my mind your dog needs to get to the Vet right now. She can't keep food down and she isn't drink much that is trouble.
thank you, I didn't mean she threw up the rice. She has kept it down, I was responding to the question of how long after eating her regular food and then throwing up. Sorry for the misunderstanding. She is keeping the rice down and she kept some plain yogurt down too.
There could also possibly be an obstruction in her stomach. Better get her to the vet asap.
Hope, she feels better soon!
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