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German Shepherd Dog
Large Adult Male Dog Pet ID: 666d

Miami County Animal Shelter
Troy, OH
937-332-6919 Pet ID: 666d
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Both of those dogs already have threads.

Mods, pls close
Dogsaver, you are an extremely active participant on this board, and that is absolutely awesome.
When you see a dog, which already has a thread going, try to ensure that you include the thread's link. That way if someone has an interest in the dog, they are just a click away.
When the mods see that there is a duplicate thread, they will take the appropriate actions. The only time I ever ask to to please delete, is if I have created the thread and there could possibly be one going, which I just didn't see.
Also, you need to go back through threads, which have been posted to you or to the threads of how to used the board, post pics, etc.
Everyone, I'm sure just like you, has a lot of things on their plate and shouldn't be expected to post the dog's pics every time you create a new thread. The threads are certainly appreciated and a lot of times the dogs haven't been noticed yet, but we all need to be able to post the whole package.
There are always exceptions, especially when people are new members, however, you are a master member now.
Thank you!!!
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1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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