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tresaderm ear drops

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Anyone use these before? It says to keep in the refrigerator but I hate the idea of putting COLD drops into an inflammed ear.
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Actually it's pretty soothing. Nitro suffers a lot with Ear Infections. Especially during high Allergy seasons.

They are really good Eardrops. Nitro just flinches a little when they drop in.. but the massage he gets after is worth it for him
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It's not THAT cold and you don't put much in the ear. You need to follow the instructions.
I have used Tresaderm Ear Drops on Jake and it worked well, and he also didn't mind the cold. I actually think he likes the cold better then room temp.

Good luck with Gracie, hope she feels better soon.
THANK YOU!! You know what a Nervous Nelly I am when it comes to Gracie. She flinched when the first one went in but then was okay with the remaining 9! She shook her head so I think I'll massage her ear base a little longer next time. Thanks for the hand holding!!!!!!!!!
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